Who is Afraid?

I’ve noticed that when I sign up for this “funadvice” thingy…a lot of people doesnt put their picture of themselves on their profiles. Nothing is wrong with that…but my questions is…are you guys scare that whatever questions and concerned that you want to ask and you might think whoever might find out? I respect each and everyone on here because its nothing but were helping each other through the “confusing” and tough times…I was just curious thats all :-) but I could understand at the same time :-)

Answer #1

I don’t think it’s safe to put a picture of yourself up on the internet on such a public place where random strangers find out so much about you each day.

It’s different with Facebook.

Answer #2

Well. Im just too lazy to put it up. and who has there name as anonymousjuju 0.o. hahaha.

Answer #3

Hi anonymousjuju, as you can see from my profile that I’m one of the blue-headed variety, I think one reason is that some people are still a bit wary of putting their faces on the web as they may be used for something on other sites without permission, or they are self concious of their looks, and their answers and questions about embarrassing subjects would not be so private if someone recognised them in the street, If I was someone famous for instance I would’nt use my real name and talk about an embarrassing rash on my jingley bits, imagine the headlines,’Franklyn blue-head makes rash confession’ No, I think everyone has their own reasons ,shyness, not wanting to be judged on their looks etc. Franklyn

Answer #4

I respect your realness answer to me…thanks

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