Who here thinks its weird for a girl to ask the guy out?

So im 14, and in the pathetic Jr. High world everyone is so uptight and serious about relatioships haha. When you ask someone out in Jr. High most the time your not asking them on a date like “hey do you want to go to the movies with me friday night?” When you ask someone out your asking them to be either your girlfriend/boyfriend. Most everyone at school thinks that the GUY should ask the girl out. Anyone here agree??? And Guys do you think that way? or would you prefer for the girl to ask you out? thanks!

Answer #1

I’d honestly personally prefer if the guy asked me out, but I also don’t think that there’s anything wrong with a girl asking a guy out. I doubt guys mind it, either. xD They’re usually just as nervous as we are, and I bet that they’re just as flattered as we are when we get asked.

Answer #2

If women want to rid the world of male/female stereotypes, you’re going to have to take the idea to heart and stop acting according to such stereotypes. If you like a guy and you want to make a move, then don’t let stereotypes stand in your way. Take action.

Answer #3

No! That’s ridiculous. I’d Love if a girl asked me out. Then again, I kind of love to break tradition. Nevertheless, give it a shot, girl! :-D

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