who here hates twilight ?

do any of you hate twilight ? I can’t stand it >.<

Answer #1

I cant either

Answer #2

I don’t hate it but I am annoyed at all the hype on it!

And everyone thinking that Robert Pattison is totally bum? Ew!

he looked so much better in Harry Potter!

Answer #3

Its studid

Answer #4

I dont like it because of the fact that the young kids who read twilight not all of them but at least the ones I know think its the entire history of vampires and they dont know about old vampire movies and stories that have been around for years te story I guess isnt bad but there is so much more to the history then vampires who fall in love and sparkle in the sun. remember when sun used to kill vampires…

Answer #5

Well, I havn’t seen it or read any of the books so I can’t really decide if I hate it or not… but it DOES get preettty annoying when a whole bunch of people are crazy about it ‘s all the like to talk about…:/ “Twilight this, Twilight that” BlahBlahBlah… (x

Answer #6

ugh omg how I hate it…lol… I have never read the book or movie and I hate it just because a lot of people make a big deal out of it!!!

Answer #7

MEEE my gosh twilightmania like jonasmania and hannahmontanamania why does everything turn into a mania :S I havent even seen it and I hate it already..

Answer #8

But I’m not a huge fan or anything just think that New Moon and Breaking Dawn are good books. (:

Answer #9

It was bad for awhile on here.. People asking questions about twilight left and right and nonstop. That got sickening. I hate hearing my sister talk about it. I hate hearing the theme music whenever they watch the movie. I hate Twilight just cause of those things, and I haven’t even cracked the book open. Not gonna either.

Answer #10

I like the books but I hate the movie.

Answer #11

It’s an insult to vampire’s Jasper’s lucky that he’s protrayed by Jackson Rathbone (that man so hot) otherwise Alucard would’ve coem to get him too

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