Who has tried invisalign???

Ok so I no how braces work the metal on your teeth but who has tried invisalign does it work is it better than braces

Answer #1

Okay. I’ve done a lot of reseach on Invisalign. They cost about the same as Braces, maybe a little more. I’ve never had them but apparently they are A LOT more comfortable, virtually invisible and you can take them out to brush, eat etc. every two weeks you will change the upper and lower trays for new ones and each set of trays gradually moves your teeth to the correct position. Your ortho or dentist will usually provide you with 2 sets of trays so you don’t have to keep going back every two weeks. If you’re considering treatment and are a senior teenager at the least, I say go for it!

Answer #2

I’ve never had braces or used invisaline. butt I know a few friends that has used them and id say it worjed they also didnt mind them vompared to braces. plus their not as ugly and painful as braces. and no one even knows you have them on…unless their stairig at your teeth and thts just creepy.

Answer #3

my friends have it, its 250 dollars for the top one and the bottom one, and they usually take like 5 if your teeth arent horrible. and they do work, very well.

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