Who has some tongue piercing information for me:)?

Soo, basically, I am getting my tongue pierced. I know everything, the swelling and all that bullsh*t, I have my ears (7 in each ear), My nose (both sides) and the middle of my lip (got it repierced 3 times). I had my belly button done but I took it out cause I didnt like it. but I just wanted everyones stories and stuff:) tips, that kinda deal.

thanks man:) -Morgan

Answer #1

I dont want mine for oral sex either. thats just nasty. and No, I dont smoke, anything, ever. I think smoking is a disgusting habit. And the guy im going to did my lip, nose, and belly button, he is the best piercer in town and very sterile haha. Thankyou.

Answer #2

I really dont recommend it. You’ll start talking all funny for a good while, and I’ve been told that if they dont do it correctly, you can loose your sense of taste and everythigng you eat will taste like ashes. (well, I dont really know about the ash part, but who knows!.)

its risky.

Answer #3

Haha bullsh*t, if it’s pierced wrong it will just be really irritated. And of course it’s risky, but hey, who cares:) and yea, it swells for like 2 weeks and you can barly eat or talk and it’s sore, I know, but I’m doing it anyways.

Answer #4

if done wrong they could end up paralizing your tounge, but that rarely happens howevere you dont loose your sense of taste if its done wrong back when I was 14 I had mine done but took it out a little while later and over the years I’ve had well over 30 piercings, but now wish I didnt get so many I also got my navle done and decided to take it out after not liking it swelling for the tounge generall lasts less than a week during which you usually have trouble pronouncing certain letters and having a bit of diffculty trying to eat solid food the price varies from $40-$80 but its generally around $60 but you sound like you already know a lot about it so theres not much more I can add

Answer #5

Its different for everybody. I hear people talk funny, and I hear people say it hurt, and say it swelled like `razy, yes you CAN loose taste buds. But if you want it. GET it. I have mine. It didnt hurt, I NEVER talked differently, and Mine swelled for lie 3 days thats IT. I love my tounge ring. And nto for oral sex like everyone thinks. Make sure you hve a good pericer doing it. make sure he knows what hes doing so not to loose taste buds, and make sure its sterile. For swelling, of course use mouthwash after eating or drinking anything other than water. And after smoking if you smoke. Also eat/suck/chew on a lot of ice, or pop cylcles, it helps a lot with swelling and irritation. Also first night eat something easy liek soup or something Best wishes!

Answer #6

I got it done, btw. I quite like it.

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