Who has sent a text and cant wait for the reply ?

\hi , Random question here , Who has sent a text to a person they like and then stare at the phone dying for a reply but then dont want to look when you get it …?? Then reinterupt what you think it means or want it 2 say lolll :)

Answer #1

loool omg I do it but not when I send a msg to someone I like and wish that he likes me in return..this happens when I send my boyfriend a text abt somethin important or when we are fighting I cant wait to get a reply :P

Answer #2

omgeee I do that all the time when I get a hot guys number

Answer #3

hahaha all the time!!!

Answer #4

haha LOL guilty :D

but nottt feeling that anymore for like a long time already. hmm..

Answer #5

yes haha I have done that many times and I hate it. haha

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