Who has reallyyy made---out??

k so is it bad if your 13 and havnt had a realllyy big make out seshion thing ...because I've kissed abunch of guys but innocent kisses not like makeout ones and all my friends are doing makeouts so now I feel pressure to do that wit my boyfriend.

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im 13 and I have oly kissed a girl on the cheek. :( im to shy.

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It's a real great pleasure actually,and if your wondering how it's done,It's pretty much like this:
A great start for a makeout,put your hands on the small of his back and slowly lean forward.Follow the slow way and kiss him,another time on the lips, and pull back an inch.Now slow-build it.Get intense with your lips against his,and raise your hands maybe to his neck.If his lips are urgent, it's a sign he wants to rapid this up and get in your pants.If you want to have sex with him then, follow his urgency and begin to unbutton him your ruffle your hands through his hair or something in that nature, and your kiss should be urgent and loppy.By loppy I mean lick his lips so when you press yours to his, they can slide against his lips and not be stiff and in one place.Then start to kiss faster...
Sex is a different topic.

Dont do anything you dont want to do hun peer pressure sucks! listen to what You wanna do

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I have but I don't think it's all what it's cracked up to be. I'm just not soo crazy about the whole tounge down my throat thing.

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Im 14 And My First Like MakeOut Was When I Was Like 10, And that was a mistake, but this summmer, I got really physical with someone,and enjoyed it, but you have to know what your limits are, think about it before hand,bc in the heat of the moment things can happen, you have to know how to say "No." But other wise, have fun, you only live once(:

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Trust me, peer pressure WILL BE THE DEATH OF YOU. If you let it get to you know, later when your friends decide to have sex way too young, you'll want to because of them too.

Don't ever do anything you don't want to do, or feel uncomfortable with. If you want to, or if you feel brave enough to, then go for it. Talk to them if they're such "experts" at it.

I'm turning 15 soon, and I've made out with only two guys, one being my 5 month boyfriend. The first wasn't good at all. My current boyfriend THOUGHT he wouldn't be good, and ended up being better than anything.

If it's whether you or he is good or not, you won't know unless you try. Again, if you want, do it. If you don't, THEN DON'T. It isn't that hard to make decisions best for you.

Another little tip; if your friends ever tell you "oh you should have sex with him, you've been going out for so long" or something, snap back at them because they're wrong.
People have been doing that to me all schoolyear so far, although inaffective to me, I can see how it would affect others.

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im 14 and I have only made out with like 4 guys...its really up to wether or not you want to makeout with him...in my opinion its really fun and I love making out!:p

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Well you should do what you think is right not what other people around you are doing
But you should its awesome =)

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if you're ready to makeout, go for it.
I've only french kissed my friends (girls) as dares.
I've only done normal lip pecks with guys, so yeah.
not as bad as it seems :)

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