Who has read the Tomorrow series by John Marsden?

If so, what do you think about it? Personally I think it is a pretty unbelievable story, but told very realistically. But I have only finished up to book three… Be glad to hear your opinions, Britz

Answer #1

I read the books when I was too young to understand them- my teachers knew I was good at reading, and tried to push me to read books ahead of my age, even though my comprehension wasn’t at the same level.

The best John Marsden book I ever read was a book called ‘Checkers’- if you can get a copy, read it!

I was lucky enough to meet John Marsden in 2004, and ask questions about some of his work at a Q and A session at Canterbury University- he is a truly lovely person, and a very talented writer!

Answer #2

I love it

Answer #3

No…didnt read…but is it gud…what kinda story??

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