Who has read sense and sensibility?

Does anyone know if the bbc tv movie version of sense and sensibility is the same as the novel? and what happens in the novel?

Answer #1

There have been numerous TV and movies made on the novel Sense and Sensibility. There was a movie with Gwyneth Paltrow. Another movie with all British actresses and actors eg: Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson. There are at least two British TV shows from BBC.

In the novel, they do not go into depth on how John Willoughby breaks one of the sister’s heart but in both the movie and tv series they stretch this incident out so much it’s rather annoying as this takes up the entire storyline. Also, in the movie, Emma Thompson’s character and Hugh Grant are so poorly cast it’s rather painful to watch. Kate Winslet as Marianne Dashwood is very convincing as the younger immature sister.

Without spoiling the ending for you since you hasn’t read it completely. Let’s say there is a happy ending for two sisters and YES, there is a big wedding too. :) I found the novel to be more interesting then the other two medias.

P.S. once you finish this novel, pick up Pride and Prejudice, its even better reading. The movie isn’t bad too with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy. Colin Firth is old but OMG, he has sex appeal and is so macho…I only watch periodical history movies if he’s in them. :)

Answer #2

whats different about the movie?

Answer #3

It isn’t

Answer #4

I have . The movie is nothing like the book

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