Who has call of duty mw2 on Playstation 3?

if you have call of duty modern warfare 2 on ps3 can I have your gamertag so I can play you and see what you think about the game and most of the time the people best at the games are people who go online. So please leave your gamertag and mines is Bigboyboston im from boston so the name stuck. thnx.

Answer #1

I do, my username is blackscent 4th prestige lvl 32 I think ? I dont play it as much anymore cause theres a lot of idiots on it =/

Answer #2

dont do consoles mate… nope I dont have it and will never buy it due to lack of dedicated servers

Answer #3

str8_krak on ps3 4th pres lvl 52

Answer #4

sgtsikko im 10th prestige lvl 53 i got it hacked up to 10th when i was entering 7th because i was tired of lvling no i cannot hack it for you so dont ask me. add me if you wanna quick scope

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