Who has been to Canada ?

Ok so me and my family are taking a trip to Canada has anyone been ther is it pretty can you do a lot of stuff ther how is it like

Answer #1

Super nice… but not in the winter (if your used to really hot places) It’s not too difrrent from the us. People are super nice. I live here sooo. fun mail me, tell me what you wanna know.

Answer #2

I livee here too budd. Agreed with everyone, Winters are cold. but the people here are beautiful.. but its never a bad time in scotia baby ;]

Answer #3

I have been there in the summer.It is not that different from us.They are so nice!!!They have a great country they have there!!!Who ever that lives there is so lucky!!!I didn’t want to leave!I asked my mom if we could live there!!!Lol!!!

Answer #4

yeauh, I live in canada 2, and I found that most americans think we live in the cold all the time, and like live in igloos? like wtf, and yea, its really nice, especally Vancouver, Whistler :P

Answer #5

I live there :} people here are pretty nice and I think youd enjoy it.

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