What should I get my sister for christmas?

ok so I have no idea what to get my sister for christmas so if anyone can help me? shes 25 and it has to be sorta cheap but im not sure… and it could be homemade to I just have no ideas!!!

Answer #1

Take some time to make homemade candles. xD I did that with my mom when I was little, and it worked out to be quite spiffy. Or you could put some time and dedicated artwork into a Christmas card. And decorate it with a lot of glitter and those sticker snowflakes. x] I’m such a child. Orrr…YOU COULD SING TO HER!! :D

Answer #2

Purse, handbag, jewellery (but not expensive ones, ovbiously)

Answer #3

love is the best gift of all :)

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