Who ever becomes a vegitarian looses weight?

I’ve decided to become a vegitarian because I cannot bear eating killed animals any longer. but I was wondering..does becoming a vegi make you lose weight faster?

Answer #1

not really…I mean if you replace the protein with carbs and junk food then you’ll probably gain weight. thats what happened to me, I felt like I was missing something and so I kept eating and gained weight(I love carbs). but usually you’ll just stay the same weight. Anyways good luck, next week I’ll celebrate a year of vegetarianism and I’m very happy with my choice. regardless of losing or gaining weight.

Answer #2

If the only change in your diet is cutting out the meat, then it is certainly true. Fewer calories from the protein and fat in meat would help any diet. Here is a link to some research on eating disorders in young vegetarians:


Answer #3

I have been a vegitarian for 3 years, I am 13. It can make you lose weight, if you continue to eat healthy, but if you eat a lot of pasta(for protein) you can become chubby. But I don’t think it will affect how fast you lose weight. Also if you’re built like me (5’2” 101 lbs) You will be cold a lot. Like every second.

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