who else knows who dashboard confessional is?

ok well people at school keep asking me who I like to listen to and I tell them a few and then I get to dashboard confessional and their like wtf is that?does anyone else know who they are or am I just that out there.

Answer #1

yup I love dc! Hands down is my most fave song of them.

Answer #2

I don’t like them much… but yeah, everyone I know has heard of them lol. I think your school really is on another planet… XD

Answer #3

I guess my school is on another planet!

Answer #4

I absolutely love them :)

Answer #5

well they like justin bieber and the jonass brothers.so yes they are on another planet :)

Answer #6

LOVE THEM! Pretty much all my friends like them too =]

Answer #7

I heard of them. I think your school is another planet xD jk

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