Who done statistics (math lol)?

Is it hard? Is it like this Algebra 1 Geometry Trigonometry Algebra 2 Calculus Statistics

Or the other was around haha?

Answer #1

In my school you dont need to do any of the math courses before you take statistics. You need to know basic math to do statistics, if you cant do that level of math, you shouldnt be in college. So I wouldnt worry about the math part. Statistics are just a different way of looking at things. If it’s a psychology statistics course it should be pretty basic. I thought it was pretty easy, but I like math. I think people in the psychology field find it difficult because so many of them are so turned off math. Oh and if you can do calculus, you can do statistics…

Answer #2

its not too hard, I actually kind of like it for some strange reason! I think its way easier than calculus. As long as you know what all the symbols mean before you get to the exam!

Answer #3

Statistics is all things to do with data and data reading. Like graphing and finding the mean mode and median. Well thats the basics of it anyway.

I don’t think the statistics side of psychology will be really advanced. But you should see if you can find a syllabus of a psychology course, or go to the library and go through some books before you decide that psych is right for you.

Answer #4

I enjoyed statistics :) its not like trigonometry or calculus that I hated. LOL

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