Who- Does he mean it or is he covering!?

Okay ironicly the guy I talked about in my last question about what you would do if the guy you liked came up to you and kissed you on the cheek, that was all just play. But the other day he came up to me hugged me and either said I know baby or I love you baby I couldnt understand which, and then just walked away! Me and Shey when to the bathroom and I was giggleing like crazy but I still don’t know how he found out! But Mackenzie came in and said she went up to talk to him to ask him what all that was about he wasn’t there and this chick said it didn’t mean anything it was just a dare! But my friends think that if he really didn’t like me he wouldn’t have done it in the first place. Now when we are waiting to go to play practice me and my friends, and his friends and him all go to Sundeas (restraunt). Almost every day when I’m sitting with Shy they come over and sit by us, like at the same table. We talk and everything we all talk about the same stuff. The other day my semi-friend went up to him and asked him if he liked me, he said no and his friend was like, “Yes you do you were wishing she was with you in bed just last night!” of course he was joking so he pushed him and said, “Shut up liar!”. But I always catch him looking at me and gah I’m so confused! Please help.

Answer #1

well to be honest it sounds like he likes you…if a guy is really mean to you or he is really sweet to you then that means they likes you…I wouldnt ask questions really just talk to him a lot during class and stuff and try to get to know him and if he really likes you he will either blush when you talk to him or act cool…and maybe after a while he’ll ask you out…you never know

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