Who - does he fancy me or is he just being nice?

Monday - He was being normal (which is talking to everyone and being a loonie haha) Thursday - we were about to do a run and he kept staring at me and smiling when we were warming up, but he didnt say anything. monday - it was breaktime and he left his mates (which he doesn’t normally do) and came to talk to me and my mates for the whole of break. thursday - we wre in a minibus and I had to sit next to him because there were no other seats left and he was singing and dancing to the music and he grabbed my arms and made them dance and he started talking to me.

I’m not really sure because he talks and flirts with all the girls, it’s his personality. :/

Answer #1

maybe he thinks you’re a pretty cool person,and has never seen your type of girl,and probably wants to be good friends. if I were you I would stay where I am and let him do everything he wants to.if it feels right,I might go get to know him better.and I think at that time,you’re gonna be sure if he just wants to be friends or more than that.

Answer #2

hi well only one way too find out ask him,but it sounds like he fancy’s you good luck!

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