Who do you think will make it to the superbowl?

okay im a chargers and saints fan the chargers have been kickin some serious butt and the saints have been doing all ehhh..there last two games. im hoping the chrgers make it through the playoffs and bring home the gold so they can finally be recognized for all there accomplishments and success. CHARGERS!!!

Answer #1

the steelers are out Ravens and Eagles

Answer #2


Answer #3

I think the chargers are the strongest in the AFC. I think though if the steelers can get into the playoffs I think they could make a good push, I am a steeler fan haha. but the chargers have to go through the colts which aren’t strong on defense. the NFC I think the packers are the strongest team. saints are out of it but if they get it together they’ll make the superbowl. so im guna say the chargers and packers for the superbowl. and ill go for the chargers because they are from the AFC

Answer #4

haha cool man thanks

Answer #5

I know it won’t be the VIKINGS!!

I hope the saints go all the way they deserve it.

Answer #6


Answer #7

defenitely the colts!

Answer #8

eagles? LOL

Answer #9

cough cough colts

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