Who do you like better: obama or clinton?

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Anybody on planet earth except Hillary...

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obama... becuase why would you but clinton in office when its just going to bring back bill to. when bill was in office he messed so much up we need someone fresh someone who isnt married to a past president and that would be Obama he has many good ideas as I went to watch him at saint peters school in jesrsey city he is a true man and is always trying his bext to provide for everyone. he also has many good points on better health insurance which we all need in the world and a lot of people dont have it.

What do you think of hillary Clinton?

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I like Hillary because she has tons of experience in politics. But not sure I would vote for her in the election. I don't care much for Obama. My personal choice right now is Rudy Giuliani. But I am sure things will change when the claws come out as we get closer to the election. Everyone's true colors will come out.

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Clinton because Obama wouldn't even say the pledge, or stand during the national anthem. he didn't even want to put an american flag pin on his uniform...
can we trust a man who won't pledge to our nation's flag?

Obamas inaguration speech

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ok well I like both of them but I like clinton because shes the first girl to run for prez. But the reason you shouldn't vote for her is she has never runed anything. And this would be a first for her. But I do like clintons personality so im not sure.

How do Clinton and Obama plant on bringing back the American dream?
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don't really know both, don't really believe in voting cause you can never really get to know the canidates truly and they all lie to get what they want and what they want is to win. harldly ever, do they follow through with all that they propose.

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Who ows the plane bill clinton just make his trip to korea on
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clinton cause she is the first woman canditate

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I want a woman president but obama because clinton's a crook! hahaha, not really but she's a b*tch though... our country would go 2 hell

Who is in the lead: Obama or Clinton?
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CLINTON! because she is the first woman 4 elections! so great she is my idol right now. she roccks! ;)

Do you think the economy is getting better in 5 months.
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Clinton definately. Obama is new on the political scene, and doesn't have the experience needed. He's in over his head.

Who do you think it would be a better president
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Ewww...any more choices?

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<3 Obama.

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