Who--Do you believe there a special someone for everyone?

have you ever felt like there no one out there for you. that how I feel. I went wit a lot of girls. none of them was the one. the one thing in my life I want to do is have a son. but if there no one out there who Is right for me. then I can forget about that I guess. do ya believe there A Special someone. for everyone. I dont think I do -.-

Answer #1

Well, can I ask how old you are? If your like 17 or younger, I’m not about to tell you “don’t think about love just yet” but I will tell you this. All women your age are out for one thing (besides sex)…Company. Girls in that age are most likely not getting enough attention from their parents, so they seek it out in their male buddies/boyfriends. Once they get the company they need, they get bored, and things start going down hill. (guys do it too but for other ..more perverted reasons) Then they become single, get bored again and find another man.

There IS someone out there for everyone. There always is, but here’s the thing, some people don’t meet this person, and just “settle”. Don’t settle, and I know you’ll hate me for saying this because you prob hear it a lot but…When you find the right person you WILL know. Let me stress “will”.

Also, don’t worry about having kids just yet. (Unless your older…) If your still under age, you will get super stressed with a kid, and I also noticed you said you wanted a “Son”. Don’t forget, having a child is like winning the lottery. You can say you want a son, but you might get a daughter, then what? You going to completely ignore it if it’s a girl? If you want a son for sure and absolutely no daughter, your best bet would be to adopt that way you are 100% sure for that son. If you don’t care what the kid is, then at least wait til your older :)

There’s someone out there for you, you just have to be patient, I know it sucks but she’s out there, and you’ll be glad you waited : )

Answer #2

well, I am 17 and I stopped dating at age 15..cause I thought I can find SOMEONE SPECIAL in high school but it turned out your significant one just wants sex..that what pretty much teens think…I did however gave up looking for that someone..one time I found this guy that was completely different never like any other guy I dated him when I was 13 till 14 and 4months and hes 18..long story, short he WAS NUTS, not the guy I expected..now I made a commitment once I am older like in my mid 20’s I will start searching for that person..u never know that person could be a friend, neighbor, at a party, school, work..u just need to be patient.. and u’ll learn waiting is worth it..u will feel speacial you waited..like my jackass dad, every freakn time we go somewhere me and him like a father daughter crap a girl pops out and tells me “oh, he is an old boyfriend of mine…makes my dad seem like a player..but its good to wait…hope I helped

Answer #3

no not really it kinda sounds stupid to me ‘only one special person for every one’ I think any two people can love each other they just have to have a little bit in common

Answer #4

There is!!! Is just that someppl take longer and they think it dosent happen but there is and I believe people should not give up.

Answer #5

I rather like to think that everyone is capable of loving others. It’s their actions and choices, though, what determine the rest. If you’re always willing to work on the relationship and know well enough to know when you just have to let go, finding the person that you could spend the rest of your life with is definitely possible.

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