Who do i talk to in order for me to become a porn actress?

I LOVE s*x and im only 17! I cant stop staring at penis's and them being shoved up girls butts. Im not gay! I just wanna be the girl who gets banged. I dont look like the average girl tho. Dont you have to look like pamela anderson to become one? Im not white, im not skinny, and im almost 5'6. I know you can end up with aids and stuff but see I have a crush on Danny Gokey and me looking at porn makes me hornier toward him. I just wanna bang him. I graduate HS in May. How can I do this? Even if its temporary. HELP!!! Im tired of thinkin about sex! Even one time I wondered what size is tiger woods penis. I have never thought about him! I just want some s*x badly! Someone help me please! I took a quiz and it said im a sex addict! I need help! Thank yall=]

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if your a sex addict fueling that isnt a good idea
it would be better to get help
you must legally be at least 18 to be in legal porn
keep in mind its hard to find people who are actually doing and filming legal porn
you dont have to look like pamela anderson, you can look like anyone
there is porn for every kind of person/fetish ect
to be a guy in porn you need a big c*ck and you need to be able to last a really long time
to be a girl in porn you also need to last for a bit, though it doesnt relly matter what you do because the girls can be put in any kind of porn depending on what there into or willing to try
you should ALWAYS wear a condom while having sex with random people
not only because of aids but other stds and pregnancy
going on the pill might be a good idea too
you should learn more about the industry before you start in it
you probably wont get to have sex with the person you want to
you need to be willing to have sex with any guy they throw at you
and need to be comfortable with having lots of other guys watching you and filming you while having sex
you need to be comfortable with the fact that thousands of other guys will watch you, and that you will be put onto ovies and/or the internet were pretty much anyone can see you
thats all I can think of

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Yeah. I mean I love watching people have sex. sorry I typed kinda fast lol

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My bet is this isn't a sincere question, but if it is, any chick that wants to do porn can...you don't even have to be attractive (but you do have to be 18).

But if you are attractive, you can set the rules. You can just refuse to do anything you don't want to, and you can demand enormous amounts of money. They won't turn you away, because most porn stars are disgusting.

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yes, they can throw anyone at you, make you do all crazy things depending on what fetish you're filming. I dont think you have a say on who you are gonna do or not. its the director's call. as jaz said, you need to be comfortable to be seen, felt up, and have sex with anyone (and anything, in case of toys or others like fruits or whaterver).

porn is NOT about what pleases you, its about what pleases the viewers.

and you dont have to be in porn to relieve yourself of being horny.

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If you want sex that bad, just talk to a guy and he will probably be willing to have sex with you. One question, you said you love and want sex, but you just said your a virgin?

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Hun this question is as serious as I can get. Im a sex addict and I need to break it! I love sex I love looking at penis's and everything! and I want one shoved in my so bad! Couldnt I use a dildo without loosing my virginity?

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So a director and stuff will be looking at me nude? And they could throw like a ugly black guy or a ugly clint eastwood at me? I could last a long time! I wanna have sex with random hott guys sooo bad! so I have no say so on who I wanna do and who I dont wanna bang?

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Find a pornography website you would like to work for then find the contact us button and inquire about a position.

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