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Who do I talk to in order for me to become a porn actress?

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I LOVE s*x and im only 17! I cant stop staring at penis's and them being shoved up girls butts. Im not gay! I just wanna be the girl who gets banged. I dont look like the average girl tho. Dont you have to look like pamela anderson to become one? Im not white, im not skinny, and im almost 5'6. I know you can end up with aids and stuff but see I have a crush on Danny Gokey and me looking at porn makes me hornier toward him. I just wanna bang him. I graduate HS in May. How can I do this? Even if its temporary. HELP!!! Im tired of thinkin about sex! Even one time I wondered what size is tiger woods penis. I have never thought about him! I just want some s*x badly! Someone help me please! I took a quiz and it said im a sex addict! I need help! Thank yall=]