Who Do I Talk To About Becoming A singer?

I want to be a singer and I don’t have any music of my own who do I talk to?

Answer #1

Definitely make some videos with you covering some songs and post them on Youtube or other websites, get your name out there, for starters! Also consider taking singing lessons or learning to write music if you can, that will help you. After that, keep posting your talent everwhere, maybe try out for some local talent shows or ask to sing at events (graduations, charity events, etc.) Then start looking for a record deal! Good Luck! :)

Answer #2

I agree with the top. just sing songs and upload on youtube- let urself be heard see if you can make a gaol of peopel who enjoy it.. then maybe ull move up somewhere.

start with your parents ask for there permission then see. look up things online… I don’t know good luck! :)

Answer #3

you can study in a music school.

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