Who discovered america?

Who discovered america?

Answer #1

early homo sapiens crossed the bering straits thousands of years ago. they were the first people to discover what we today call america. later on vespucci was the first european to discover it

Answer #2

actually, the vikings were here before columbus, and columbus never landed on what we call america, he landed in the bahamas

Answer #3

I really dont see how anyone would possibly know for sure

Answer #4

The Native Americans That Lived Here Before Us, But If Your Doing This For School They It Would Be Columbus

Answer #5

columbus went out to looking to goto india, but he reached america, and when they met the red indians he thought they had landed in india hence the name indians given to the natives

Answer #6

technically it was christopher columbus but he never knew he had discovered a new world. later it was amerigo vespucci and this is where we get the name america

Answer #7

books say columbus, but truely it was ancient asians that crossed the ice bridge from russia to alaska and they became the native americans.

Answer #8

I did… I discovered America.

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