Who can tell me if puerto ricans have big penises?

This might be a stupid puestion but do Puerto Ricans grow long c o c k s if they do I'll be happy because I'm puerto rican.

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I dont know
but even if they do, that does NOT guarantee that you will too
penis size is mainly based on genes
not what everyone else or most other people have
whatever sized penis you end up with is normal for YOU
suppliments wont make your penis bigger without damaging your health
if your insecure about our penis at 18 years old, you could consider surgery

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I hate to tell you this but just asking if a race has a big penis is not going to be full proof. Most pills, creams and size increase products are not the answer also majority of them don't work. There is always the surgury that has results. Your age and several other factors also play apart in the average length of your penis not just your race.

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LMFAO!!! Man, don't worry bout it so hard, these days there's supplements if you are unhappy with yourself. Lmao!!! Just stop worrying, plus girls don't wanna hear insecurity.

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crazyday is right my boyfriend isnt puerto rican and his penis is 12 and a half inches long

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Their all different, they aren't set to be one size.

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Regardless of what you are or where you're from, you'd need a larger than average penis. If you measure yourself and find 7+ inches you are above average. Congratulations

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