Who can tell me important stuff about diabetes?

I have noticed that I have some symptoms of diabetes. I am seeing a doctor (maybe) and I was hoping you guys could help me out with some givaways you had or know about and what it’s like when your hyperglycemic? PLEASE help this is very important for my health!

Answer #1

If you do think you have diabetes, make sure you cut down on a lot. NO junk food, soda, high sodium foods, try to eat less portions of foods. cut down on sugar, definitely. I have a 95% chance of getting diabetes, my mom , her parents, and my dads parents have it. my dad is the only one who doesnt have diabetes, so hes my good genes.

anyways cut down, exercise each day for at leastt 60 minutes, keep active, make healthy choices. try avoiding alcohol and smoking of any kind for a little while.

after that, if you still do feel like you do now, then you most likely have diabetes. wait and see what your doctor says :]

-Hope this helps! :]-

Answer #2

You MUST see your Dr and ascertain what your blood sugar-level is so you can get the proper medicine, A1C results, and adjust your diet if needed.

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