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Almost two years ago I had broken up with my boyfriend..we were living together at the time since then we’ve still been seeing each other but he has a girlfriend that he cheats on with me…we have a lot of history but he claims that he hasn’t gotten over the fact that I left him…im trying to be there to prove to him that I wouldn’t do that to him again but he doesn’t want to take that chance…I should just indefinitely walk away right? I feel like I messed up a lot of things and I want to be able to show him that I know I have, but at the same time its like nothing is enough …he claims to be working past things but I need to give him time…I’ve given him almost two years…im a fool to think he’d come around aren’t I?

Answer #1

what a douche bag hes just manipulating you for all the sex he can get. Why would you want him back if he cheats on her with you… wouldn’t he just cheat on you with her if you got him back…

Answer #2

So you left him, but somehow he’s made you think that you have to prove yourself to HIM? Whatever magic amulet he’s using on you, let’s hope it never falls into the wrong hands.

You left him for presumably good reasons AND he’s proving he can’t control his emotions or his penis enough to stay faithful, and yet you’re talking like you are the one with relationship issues. Walk away. Love isn’t exactly easy, but it shouldn’t be the morass of doublethink and confusion that you’ve wandered into.

Answer #3

Mikeh said it well.. plus love the pic of gur mikeh!!!

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