Who can help with my tongue piercing woes?

Okayy so I got my tongue done a few days ago and heard that when your tongue goes white its from over cleaning but I only do it like twice a day? And alsoo when I replace it with a short bar will I still talk like a downer??


Answer #1

I had mine done when I was 16 and mine didnt swell at all … nor did my voice or way of talking change .. it more or less depends on how far back it is pierced . the closer to the tip of your tongue the more seseptable you are to having speach problems .. keep it clean and wash after every thing you eat drink or smoke and if you start to get worried PLEASE see your piercer ..

Answer #2

I got mine done not too long ago, I was talking like a downer, and couldn’t take my tongue out of my mouth.

Eat lots and lots of slurpee’s and get a cup of ice and rest that on your tongue for abit cause your tongue swells up and bruises(some people) normally it fully heals after 2 weeks, but you should forget its there and be fine after a week or so.

Enjoy the tongue ring.

Answer #3

if theres puss there then its generally the new wound cleaning itself if theres a horrible smell or/and a different colour like black or purple then something is wrong and you need to go back to the piercer usually you should what more than the 1-2 weeks those piercers tell you to untill you can change it and probably but right now your talking funny because your tounge is swelled up and you have a new wound once its healed and you get used to it youll talk properly again

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