who can help mee?

okay well im 16 and turning 17 in one week. I have a boyfriend now for like 2 months and things are going good but. lately I’ve been catching myself starring at girls, does that make me bisexual? and I only got with 2 girls before, and one of them me and the girl use to like eachother, but nothing went farther.

Answer #1

ahh alrightt, thankss! its all mad confusingg.

Answer #2

okay thankss! but here’s the catch once I started dating my boyfriend, I stoped likeing that girl I really liked. but now she told me she REALLY likes me. and now im all confused!

Answer #3

You don’t have to be 100% either way. You could like boys 80% of the time and girls 20% or something. It’s no problem, just go with what you feel.

Answer #4

hey there ,, I think you are so young to have to go through the strugle of not knowin what you r !! save this to later ,, I think you are only staring at girls because you are exploring urself in other girls ..its okay .. just wait till you are over with the teen age thing .. things will be more clear in your eyes and there will be nothinng you regret too =)

Answer #5

no you could just be bi-curious

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