who can help me with the problem that I might be pregnant, anyone?

I had unprotected sex on holloween night of this year,and my boyfriend pulled out of me when he felt it, but is there a possibility that he could have let some out without noticing it or feeling it come out? I’ve gained weight and tender boobs, my nipples are darker to, and I pee a lil more than I used to be4 I went and had sex with him, so anyone that can help me and give me some answers that would be great, thanks for the time.


P.s.im 16 almost 17 next month on Jan.9th but if anyone can tell me anything that would be great!

Answer #1

well you know your bullshiting to, I would doubt for a second that u’ve done something stupid be4 in your life, and why the fuck would you go being like a retard like this when you know damn well im not the only one, so if you dont care then keep that mouth shut, because you know what, I have a sis in law that was the same way, and calling kids being born bastards??? you know your really stupid to call little kids that, if I knew anyone in your family or husband or w/e your life is I would say shit to about what your sayingt, and what if you had a little sis or you do got a lil sis, what if this happend to her, what?! you would call your neice or nephew that, your dumb, serisouly, I cant wait for you to say something like this to the wrong person 1 day and get your a kicked…good luck in life with this dumb attitude like this, someone will talk shit about you or get your a kicked for it..it happend so watch your self. and since your being like this to me, I hope it does happen to you 1 day, to learn your lesson about talking shit to kids or adults in ANYWAY!

Answer #2

ahhh all the answers above suck actually their not even answers she asked for symptoms not your opinion

That’s EXACTLY what YOU did… idiot..

Answer #3


Answer #4

NO it wasn’t a mistake it means your stupid. The whole heat of the moment thing is bull shit. Did you put a condom on him? Did you watch him put one on? NO!!! So stick to Oral.

If he pulled out when he felt it, he already pre-came inside you and probably got a little bit of ejaculate as well since the feeling is usually a small burst of ejaculate coming out. Now that your pregnant you are going to make your child suffer with unfit parents who were to young and dumb to just wrap it.

Pay attention in Health class and if you don’t know how sex works and waht can get you pregnat you shouldn’t be doing it. All you babies having babies are insane and now I have to pay extra taxes to support you and your bastard children since statistically most guys leave in these situations. You little teen’s are like the people that swerve out of the way of a squirrel and slam into the minivan killing a whole family. Think before you do something stupid.

Answer #5

yeah girl you might be pregnant :( there is precum which can still get you pregnant whether he pulled out or not…

go get a test, and good luck

Answer #6

yes there is a posibility that you could be like me, im trying to figure it out.

Answer #7

I am 18 years old and I think I might be pregnant. I missed my period and im usally on time. I felt sick lately and hungry a lot using the bathroom more often. could I be

Answer #8

yes I know psychic but I need some answers but if you dont know then dont say anything at all…damn!

Answer #9

Well, I’ll tell you this: pullout method is statistically the worse kind of birth control out there.

Answer #10

ahhh all the answers above suck actually their not even answers she asked for symptoms not your opinion. and when your caught in the moment you dont think thats why they call it caught in the moment duhh. and just get a test good luck! no matter what it is its still a blessing no matter when or how it comes. and you will still love your baby at least you werent any younger

Answer #11

I have a sis in law that was the same way, and calling kids being born bastards??? you know your really stupid to call little kids that

[bastard] – a person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child.

That is the definition, regardless if you like it or not, and it isn’t stupid to call them what they are. It might be harsh, but its STILL true. That’s life… case in point…

COULD you be pregnant? YES. You had unprotected sex… that is how babies are made. Pulling out doesn’t prevent pregnancy.

ARE you pregnant? WE DON’T KNOW. We aren’t doctors, and we aren’t clairvoyant.

…G…O… …S…E…E… …Y…O…U…R… …D…O…C…T…O…R…

Answer #12

well if its the heat of the moment you dont think, and second im not stupid, it was just a mistaske every1 aint perfect, so if you dont got nice things to say then keep your mouth shut, because you would feel the same way if you were in my poistion so keep that mouth shut about being a dumbass to someone that is in need for answers and help, but thanks hijade3, good to know so at least now I know something.

Answer #13

girls!!! news flash!!! sex with a condom and sex without do not feel that much different for you, if you are 16 and do not want to get pregnant, use an EFFECTIVE type of birth control, not the pull out method. you are too young to be having unprotected sex, unless you are ready for a child why risk it??

as for your situation, take a test, it will be accurate by now! if you had unprotected sex on halloween you are obvioulsy overdue for your period. The pull out method is not very effective, there is a high chance you are pregnant, if you aren’t I hope you learn from this sweetie!

Answer #14

I agree with sam12.

Answer #15

Yes. Take a test. We are not psychic.

Answer #16

well im not so dont need anymore advice for this…

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