Who can help me figure out what this movie is called?

Okay so a while aqo I heard about this movie and checked out the previews on youtube. The movie was about a gay guy and he told his mom that he was gay and she said I wont have a gay son and then he said then you wont have a son at all and then on the preveiw he was about to jump off a brige. I forgot the movie name but all I know is that I wanted to seeā€¦ THANK YOU (:

Answer #1

yeah thank you :)

Answer #2

prayers for bobby?

Answer #3

A man is attempting to intimidate a subordinate and that guy reflects on his lack of fear or reprisal since his serve in Vietnam with General Westmoreland when the general had all of his officers sign their death certificates (or wills?) before going in to battle.

What movie is this from?

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