Who can Help me?

I’m 18, but living at home. I have no money, no car, nothing. my dad is an alcoholic, and for the past few months it’s been emotional and verbal abuse from him (on and off). I want to get away, tell the cops, and just go to a safe place (I don’t care where it is). can anyone help? or do you know anyone that can help?

Answer #1

Mabey you could try and help your dad cause there is people out there that can help him 2 stop the drinking and if they know he is a father they can find help for you aswell or get your family 2 stay with so you are away from your dad and he is getting help at the same time so use will both be happyer.

Answer #2

depending on wher you live is if I can personally help you or get someone to help

other then that there are so many other things you could do just (unless you dont want to)tell me more about this situation and ill try to help

Answer #3

What state do you live in? I am in Ky, and you could stay with us, but, I really am not set up for anyone, we would just do the best we could, if you are int. funmail me.


Answer #4

I say you should turn things on him and show him how much he needs you, plan out how you can get from place to places then start getting things togethr, start out with a high school degree if you havent graduated if not try to find a way to get your licens and in a way things get together from there. when he asks you “where are you going” all you have to say is “away from you” and be on your way. that kinda takes care of your money and father problems with education and stuff like that, I know you said you dont have money but there are gov programs for that, hell im a guy and im in it!! hope you find a way to solve your problem

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