Who are you voting for and why??

McCain Palin or Obama Biden? give a reason with your answer!!

Answer #1

Definitely McCain/Palin - the best choice for America by far !! - why ?: solid core values, integrity, this country’s best interests at Heart - an accomplished, strong, competent woman !!

Answer #2


Since you’ve marked your posting anonymous we don’t know who you are. However, if you’ve read my postings, I’ve always said it is a choice of a lesser of two evils. In my first posting on this I shared that my user name on most political sites is idontlikeeither1.

And in weighing the attributes and their negatives, which have been discussed many times here, McCain clearly is the only one left.

And jimahl, I responded in another posting to the McCain “cheating”. There were many men who came back from Nam with their heads screwed up. Some were fine, but all came back changed. Some became alcoholics, divorced, completely changed their lives and there are many fine and intelligent men who became homeless beggars. And after what McCain went through I find he must have a strong character to only have come back and “cheated” on his wife and divorced her. I say again, I’d cut him just a bit of slack if you don’t know anything about those who came back from the Viet Nam war, and especially those who were prisoners of war like McCain and were tortured and beaten for years.

Answer #3

Obama/Biden: Obama has a plan for undoing the harm the Republican administrations have done to our country, our economy, and our status in the world.

I used to like McCain. Back in 2000 he was a maverick. He went against his own party and was against Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. Ironically, members of his own party said he used class warfare and socialism when he opposed Bush’s handouts. Now McCain is in lock-step with Bush and now wants to make the same tax cuts he once opposed permanent and hurls the same arguments used him against Obama. McCain once called the reactionary religious right “agents of intolerance” but now he is cozy with them. McCain as the only candidate who had personal experience against torture opposed it but then gave the white house a blank check to do it. McCain is a man who once seemed to have some principals but now will say or do anything to get elected.

Answer #4

I think the secret service can protect Barak Obama.

After Reagan was shot they changed the way a lot of things are done.

I don’t think that any man provokes more hatred from conservative nutjobs than President Bill Clinton yet the secret service was able to protect him.

Answer #5

amblessed, you still haven’t answered the question of how someone who cheats on his invalid wife, and then eventually dumps her for a rich beauty queen, shows integrity and solid core values?

Do you deny that this is what did?

Answer #6

Obama, he is the better of the two candidates in that he appears to be more of a Statesman.

Exactly what is it that makes a one term Senator a statesman. He has absolutely no foreign affairs experience and has shown his ignorance of it on a number of occasions. Don’t confuse a good looking, intelligent and good public speaker as a Statesman. That is one of a number of things he is not.

Answer #7

OBAMA!!!- im 13 years old and my moms only sibling is going to war my only real uncle on her side I love him and want him hoome alive/ lower taxes my mom was frantic just 2 days ago trying to find papers so we wouldn’t have to lose our house there is 8 of us and 2 dogs!/ I believe he cares for the country and all races/ he seems like the right person to lead this country down the right path and away from the wrong one we’ve been taking.

but sadly I believe they’ll kill a black man before letting him be our president some whitwes are very much raciist and have already tried killing him twice it saddens me that my race can’t be fully excepted. If he wins I HOPE AND PRAY TO GOD they won’t kill him.

Answer #8

Mcain, he is the lesser of two evils. Though he is indeed an intelligent man and an excellent speakor, Senator Obama doesn’t have the experience or judgement to be the President of the United States. You might examine some of the other postings on this topic and you’ll find volumes where I and others have expounded on the foregoing statements.

Answer #9

I dont know why people even bother askingg who they voting for…we all know OBAMA is going to WIN!

Answer #10

I am leary of packaged people…so I have to look at what a person has done…McCain served our Country…that has to account for something…he has been a senator…knows how Congress works… anyway …if you look hard enough…I am sure there’s something you don’t like…but I go with Pro-life…that to me says a lot…if someone cares for the smallest…they logically will care for the very old and people who have no real voice… whatever the case I vote for McCain… also because Obama Biden ticket is a real sell for the middle east have you noticed?

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