Who are some good rock/indie female guitarists?

Most of the bands I like are all male, I was wondering if there were any successful female guitarist, as I would also like to start a band.

Answer #1

phantom blue drain sth cycle sluts from hell VIXEN the runaways (where lita ford and joan jett got their start)

there are a few more to add to the list

Answer #2

Lizzy from Halestorm Nancy from Heart Kerstin from Fraulein Wunder Kat from Katastrophy Wife Carrie from Sleater-Kinney Kim from Pixies Lita Ford Joan Jett Courtney Love

And that’s just to name a few…

There’s LOTS of GOOD female guitarists out there!

Answer #3

The band Skillet has a female guitarist and drummer and they are succesful.

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