Who likes when guys cum on your faces?

Just curious on if you girls like when guys cum on your face or have done it before.

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I hate when my boyfriend does it, however he loves to Cum on my face, I dont understand thr turn on at all! lol but on his birthday and holidays I let him do it!lol he just has to warn me so I can close my eyes (once his cum got in my eye and it got infected so be careful! haha)

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its disrespectful and gross.

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I honestly think that is a lil gross... but if your girl likes the taste of sum then I would say try it and then make her lick it off her face

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I have done it. I'm not a big fan of when my boyfriend cums on my face. its so messy and I dred if it gets in my hair.

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You will find most women won't allow such behaviour.

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