how do i whiten my teeth in a healthy way with braces on?

Answer #1

Crest 3d white works very well

Answer #2

I used Crest White Strips. They were expensive, but they worked. Ish.

Answer #3

use crest whitening toothpaste and listerine mouth wash!

Answer #4

I’m guessing you are asking for ways of doing it more naturally? Baking soda, strawberries, hydrogen peroxide and wood ash all have whitening properties. You can make a paste by combining those ingredients together, as a toothpaste. Or you could simply combine a teaspoon of bakinsodea and another teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and brush that onto your teeth.

Answer #5

well i would advise staying away from any whitening agents while wearing’ll more than likely with darker shade of enamel where the brackets were when you get them off. my best advice to you is it to stick with a paste that protects ur teeth from cavities and things of that nature. when i had braces my orthodontist told me to prevent whitening pastes and agents cause that could’ve happened to me. i juss wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

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