are white tigers safe to be around with??

Answer #1

With ANY animal you have to be careful. Even if it’s a tame white tiger, I’d still advise you to have a trained professional or two handling the tiger…

Answer #2

If they are tamed and their trainers are with them, then they are reasonably safe to be around. But they always remain wild animals and can be dangerous.

Answer #3

No way. They have the power to attack at any time, and will do so if they feel threatened.

Answer #4

Probably not unless its trained and properly handled by professionals but still animals can be unpredictible

Answer #5

Hahaha. The colour of an animal doesn’t determine whether it will cause harm to you or not. Bangal tigers are just as dangerous as the others.

Answer #6

thats not safe at all, well unless, the tiger has been trained for a long time then it is probably ok.

Answer #7

they should be but if there annoyed ……….Run !!!! killa tiger normally there gentle but some can be dangerous

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