White boys are hot!

Do white boys like black girls. If so what kind?

Answer #1

Yes some of them are to me!

Answer #2

ok, I’m a girl and I’m black, I live in a town with like all (mostly) white people. I luv em! I dont care wut race you r if you r a funny cute guy who’s nice 2 me, I luv ya! I have a crush on one of my best guy friends. he’s white. I have this crush on this asian guy, he’s like soo hot! he can dance 2, lol=D and he seems kinda shy, I find that hot! wut other races are their, lol?

Answer #3

Unless the person is racist then the color of your skin won’t matter. And the kind of girls a guy likes really depends on the kind of guy.

Answer #4

yea white guys are cool.

I’m more into Asians though. hah

I don’t get what you mean by what kind though.

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