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Which piercings to get?

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I want my boyfriend to get piercings. He said eyebrow is fine but preferably tongue. But I was reading online about tongue piercings and it says that tongue piercing causes all kinds of dental problems such as gum and teeth chipping and breaking. That's just disgusting!!! My boyfriend got a perfect set of teeth and I would like to keep it that way. I'm sure he do too. We both really want his tongue pierced but not if it seriously is going to cause those problems. Is it just a myth??? I know a couple of people who's teeth looks fine with their tongue piercings but I do know one that looks messed up I don't know if its from tongue piercing or not.

And eyebrow piercings would look nice, but he get in fights too often and I'm afraid it'll rip off.

So is tongue piercing really that unpleasant??