Which part of a girl is best to tickle?

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one time a guy found out I was ticklish on my ankles, even I didnt know that! I guess it was the way he touched them. lol. but I pretty much hate being tickled. because also another time a pervert guy I know tickled me, it was so horrible. I could hardly move. it like being paralyzed.

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Mind your own business. I was saying the people I know that are ticklish don't like being tickled. How is that not helpful? I think he should make sure the girl likes being ticklish first. I find your attitude less then helpful and you don't see me complaining.

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Every. Girl is different. Some girls is there. Feet. Arms. Armpits. Etc. But I'm ticklish on my. Sides. Neck and feet.

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well steph that was less than helpful as an answer...I would say right above the hips aka "love handles"

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On the sides!!
L0L... I'm really really ticklish.. I hate being tickled.. sometimes.. unless its from the guy you like..
but yeh, I agree with steph, make sure the girl yur planning to tickle likes being tickled.
have funn.

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I guess it depends on what you're doing and the situation. I don't mind my feet being tickled but if my boyfirend digs into my sides I just want to kick him in the head. I like belly tickles too. feet and belly feel nice to be tickled and are not too much. By ALL means DO NOT do the "knee-queeze-ticke" girls HATE that. it pisses them off and turns them off. trust..

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I HATE being tickled I get pissed when dood does it I want to knock him out

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I think it is best to be tickled on the feet or the back

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I like it when people squeeze my thigh. It actually tickles, but not like if you tickled someones shoulders. I feels so much better.

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Most girls including myself would deff. be right about the hips if you just squeeze lightly.

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Most people I know that are ticklish... don't like being tickled.

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I like being tickled on my stomach
but gentli not like a kid tickle lol

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I say the ribs. But..dont rib dig..thats horrible XD

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the back of her back.
and the belly works as well but she may jump if really ticklish

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