Which natural shade tights are the best for hairy legs?

Im a male to female crossdresser who needs a bit of help. I cant seem to find any tights of a natural shade to hide my hairy legs. I play sport so I dont want to raise suspicion by shaving my legs.

Please help.

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I know a lot of guys who shave their legs... like in soccer so they shin guards don't rip out the hair or swimmers shave their legs too. it's not uncommon and it won't raise any questions =)

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im not totally sure there is natural tight that could cover hairy legs, there not really designed for that, you could try getting the thickist or darkest denyier available, or get a leg wax, I know loads of guys who get there legs waxed
good luck!

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There are tights you can wear that cover leg hair. Figure Skater's tights, they are a little thick and they cover up. Try a dance shop, order online, or go to an ice rink that has a shop inside for skaters, they'll sell it. I like wearing my skaters tights on and off the ice too with regular clothes.

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Just shave/wax your legs so you wont have to worry about it. :)

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Shave your legs! Or wear dark colored tights.

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What works best is a brown pair of sheer tights with a black pair of thicker opaque tights over top. It gives a natural skin tone appearance with no evidence of having hairy legs. I am wearing it now sitting at the computer with my legs crossed and I can't see hair. I do prefer to shave but sometimes thats not possible.

As for brands and styles.. my favorites are secret silky brown paired with black silks which work very good and look sexy. Don't use control top because with 2 pairs on it is rather tight and uncomfortable. If control top is all that's available cutting the crotch out of the base brown pair works (try to cut it like the stockings with waistband garters) Secret "crazy" in black work well cause they have a hipster fit that is loose and comfortable.

anymore questions..I will check back

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I know guys that shave there legs FOR sport ... so you really dont have a problem

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