Which name should I choose?

Earlier I finally came up with a name for myself in Metal,which should I go by:

Demonic Angel - Devious kid most of the time


Raven - Dark child but can still be nice when it needs to be

Answer #1

devious angel is a cool twist , I like :D

Answer #2

Neither. None of these go with you. Your trying WAYYY to hard to scare people. Your not a scary person so why choose those names? Sorry this is probably not gunna help, but be yourself.

Answer #3

you should make those names a little… er a lot less obvious. I get what you’re trying to establish with them but more subtlety would be a lot cooler.

Answer #4

I think they’re both pretty cool. You should go with whichever name best fits you and your personality and the one you think sound best.

Answer #5

… Corpsegrinder, Demoncarcass… Those to me are metal names. A “metal” name isn’t supposed to be serious, and more importantly you aren’t supposed to wake up one day and decide to call yourself a name on stage. Names are given to you. (Who am I to say what things are “supposed” to be like anyway). Do what you want, Ifi was you I would call myself RottingFlesh

Answer #6

yeah everyone and their mom uses those names…

try to find something original…

I’m a fan of Havoc Sable - the color black Lilith - Jewish mythology - Adam’s first wife and the mother of all deamons Cari - Irish - Dark one

Dunstan - anglo saxon - Black Stone Erebus - the father of darkness - also a section of Hades

Answer #7

uh. I like raven, the other one just sounds like your trying to scare the crap out of people.

Answer #8

demonic angel… thts just me tho

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