which kardashian do you think is hotter?

kim, khloe, kourtney and why? I think kim is the prettiest one.

Answer #1

I think Kourtney is the prettiest, then Khloe and then Kim. I personally think Kim is kinda dull personality wise and that doesn’t make her as pretty to me. But I think they’re all really gorgeous.

Answer #2

None of the above…

Their personalities, annoying voices, lack of any viable skills, and totally unjustifiable celebrity status… is more than enough to prevent me from having any physical attraction to them.

Answer #3


Answer #4

Kim ;)

Answer #5

I hate the kardashians , they’re famous for nothing

Answer #6

khloe, shes the funniest and the prettiest. although they are all pretty, khloe is about the only one that doesn’t really obsess about her appearance

Answer #7

yeah no wonder shes so ugly

Answer #8

yeah no wonder shes so ugly

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