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Which guy do I like more...and likes me?

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Well there are these two guys that I like very much...not sure which one I like more...and if they like me in anyway...let's call them Chocolate and Turtle.

At first glance you'd think he was shy and not very talkative...but I got to talkin to him, now he talks a lot sometimes I can't get him to shut up lol. Well he's smart but he doesn't go around bragging and making people feel stupid. We text each other good night every night. He's cute...super duper cute. I have so much fun when I'm around him. I've known him alittle bit longer then I've known Turtle.

Well he's gangsterish. We joke around a lot and make fun of each other. He doesn't like me asking "personal" questions about him. He tells me about his exs though and how's he's had sex with them. Yet he can't answer how many girls have you had sex's to personal. He's asked me if I'm a virgin. We play 20 questions a lot. He notices that I always wear black...stopped wearing it...he calls me emo's like my nickname from him...I either call him turtle or little man lol. Then he tells me I always hang out with he's watching mr or somethin...I really don' fact I hag outwith a whole lot of guys. I've known him fr a little bit less then a year.

Well help please.