Which choice would you choose

( this is all 100% fake) So if you woke up And you was Tie to a chair. and the Killer gave you 2 choice on how he will kill you. and you had 10 second.(P,S the police was already on there way) to pick. which one would you pick

1.He can Chop you up bit by bit.and make you suffer before you died. but there a chance the cops would come before your dead and save you

  1. or he can Take the chainsaw and end it fast

I pick 2

Answer #1

sh!t thats intense hahaha

I’d say the first onee. but scary! lmfao

Answer #2

I’d try getting into the killers head or try anything…I do not like either choice…to painful

Answer #3

id choose the first one. totally

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