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Which appartment should I get?...

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well here is the thing, I am 21 with a two year old daughter. Have not yet had my own place. I finally got a good job (an hour away from where I live) and am ready to get an apartment. I need a two bedroom b/c of my daughter. There are two I'm looking at . One , I'm actually supposed to go sign the paperwork and pay the first months rent / deposit on Friday. The thing is that my best friend was supposed to get the place with me so we'd be spliting everything down the middle, well she ended up backing out and moving back in with her dude , w/e w/e . anyway, this place is 515.00 a month + electric... the other place is 375.00 + electric, but the catch is that the inexpensive one is on top of a building town town, middle apartment so there are NO WINDOWS what so ever, the place is on the smaller side and pretty dark ( also stinks, you can tell the other lady smoked a lot in there) , thats another thing, I smoke cigs. but wont be able to at the inexpensive place b/c of my daughter. I make 400 a week, thats 1600 a month (before taxes tho) and I have to pay car insurance (100) , student loans(89), gas money(40) , parking pass for work(50 / month) , and 180.00 childcare. I dont know what to do. but its a must that I get my own place...any ideas? or points of view?