Where was your first kiss?

Hey just a random question. Spose it's a bit nosey but and m.
My question is where was your furst kiss?

Mine was on a wall round the sied of my school in year 9.
I'm just wonderring if anyone's got some funny or sweet storries.

T t f and x

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My first little kiss ahahaha, we were at his house sitting on the couchh and noone was there because they went tooo the store so we were watching a movie and he kissed me I was like in 5th gradeee haaa.

My realll kisss I was in 6th gradee we were sittting on a bench at a park and we were watching some guys play basketballl & we were holding hands and I turned too him and I was looking at him and he grabbed my face & kisssed me.

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:L My first kiss, hmm... er. I was at my friends house, then we decided to go outside because it was a nice day, and there was like 10 of us :L. and my friends brother was like " come here.." took me by the hand and kinda leaded me behind this fence, then he kinda pushed me up against it a little and kissed me, then we were there for half an hour kissing. Then I ended up going out with him for like a year :).

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In my best guy friends basement, I just had it in December. It was with my best guy friend and we were in his basement alone watching a movie. It was kind of planned in a way though. Its a long story so I'm not going to bore everyone by putting it here.

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I was in grade 6 bout to be in 7th and me my friend and boyfriend were chillin at the park across frommy house and he went and sat on a wall so she was like aww go kiss him so I was like okay... and I went up sat nex t to him I was gonna chicken out but she yelled at me so I kissed him on the cheek then we just kissed

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mine was quite discusting lmao .. it was the summer between grade 8 and 9 and I had all guy friends and it was me and my 4 best friends ./.. and just when I was about to leave 3 of the 4 guys went upstairs .. and he kissed me in his parents basement ... and slobbered and drooled all ove my face .. GROSS haha and well .. we arnt friends anymore .. lol

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I was 10, stood on a school field and he nearly ate my head!
glad I hardly speak to him now! haha.

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I wer in spain and was pulled behind a pool cleaning shed and it just happened

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