Where to watch Naruto Shippuden?

Hey, just wondering, but where can I watch FREE, subtitled or (good quality) fan-dubbed Naruto Shippuden episodes? And second question: When do you think/Do you think Naruto Shippuden will be professionally dubbed and broacast in the US?

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@ unlimited: Aha! Another fine answer! Lol.

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I just found out you can go to http://naruto.com.

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Oh, Im sorry! It actually means good luck or do your best. You hear it in cutesy anime all the time! ; )

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@ littokiki:

Thnx! That helps. But…what does “Gambatte kudesai” mean?? I know that it would mean “Please _“…I’m really only asking what “Gambatte” means. (I’m don’t know much Japanese…hence why I stated those conditions in my question, lol)

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Lol, why r you apologizing?? I just didn’t know what it meant, thnx 4 telling me! ^_^

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Also, a good place to look would be Youtube. I know it doesnt sound exciting, but its TOTALLY good for watching anything about anime. You can watch it subbed and in many different languages Thats where I do all my watching! Ganbatte kudasai!!! : )

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@ yumiyukai:

ok, thnxs 4 the info! Yeah, there ARE more episodes, actually, and I happen to be one of those poor saps who’ve been tuning in to Cartoon Network every Saturday evening just to be shafted–nowadays, they either play reruns, or they don’t even play Naruto at all! >_<++ And yes, I DO find that rather frustrating, lol. But they’re probably just trying to get as many episodes translated as possible before getting to the point where they’d need to air them. Or at least that’s what I think.

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you can probably watch it at animefuel.com but I’ve never check for naruto before so good luck finding it!! everything’s in alphabetical order. and I think there’s more episodes before that happens so I don’t know when.

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