Where to buy a good website?

Do you know any good site to get your own site with your own domain for mabye around $10 a year? That can hold a lot of GB’s?


Answer #1

I don’t know details but you might ck out godaddy.com.

Answer #2

I know of a website that you can make for free at Yola.com but if you were to buy your own domain,it’s only $20. Very easy to use.


Answer #3

You shouldn’t have your hosting and domain registration with the same company. I use 1&1 for domains and cyberwurx for hosting. They’re both cheap and great.

Answer #4

I know of some free ones. actually there are some good ones out there that you can build for free and they have an online builder that is easy to use. Then get a url at Godaddy.com for almost $10 a year. So the total cost is about $10 to run only each years. You can sign up and make many websites there vua the use of other emails then link them together. Tripod is one of the best builders online and is located at tripod.com or tripod.lycos.com as it has a builder that lets you do whatever you want by guiding you with block format, drag and drop, cut and paste, and straight words. You do not need to know code, but you can use code if you know it. There are some other website builders out there that are easy to use, but only allow code with no builder to help you if you dont know code. I noticed that there are many website builders if you go into Google and look it up.

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