Where to buy a grade 8 grad dress in ontario??

It's pretty early, I know, but I really dont know where to but my graduation dress. I live in Ontario and I'm aloud to go to Toronto. Nothing too expensive, around $100? Thankyousomuch!!!

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If you want something short and flirty and fun, try Forever 21. There are tons of them in Toronto and it's beyond cheap. in fact, you could get a really hot dress, shoes, jewelry AND makeup and probably still be under $100.

They don't have anything long, but if it's for a grade eight graduation, short is probably better anyways. It's always better to dance in short dresses and then you can show off awesome heels and stuff.

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Here are is a website your might enjoy :)

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I'm looking for a graduation dress too, and in Ontario. For the first answer, they suggest going on Promgirl.com. I was on that site but it's not exactly helpful because you can only order online and if you don't like it you can only get store credit back. So, here is a link to a store in Toronto:
I'm not sure how good it is, buut it is an option!
This next site offers 3 different websites of dresses with stores in the Toronto area:

Those are all I found so far!
Hope I helped!!

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I also found this website, that is really cool for shopping, and figured I'd share it here. I use them quite often these days. I like fashion accessories and I think these guys are having great products.

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