where should I play

well due to a bad choice I made with my girl friend the united states naval academy will not let me play football the same with west point which was my back up school but now several other schools are jumping on me they are west georgia univ florida atlanitc james madison washington state duke texas tech old diminion west vergina south florida which school should I go to

Answer #1

the hard part is academically all the schools are close james madison is on the same level as duke. then the level of competition is the same at texas tech and washington, florida atlantic I am at a loss I have to make the choice very soon

Answer #2

this is a big dessicion. you should talk to your parents or your close friends for answers, but most of all go where you want to go, somewhere you know will make you happy

Answer #3

I set up a meeting this morning to sign with duke this friday

Answer #4

I say washington state but thats just me.

Answer #5

whats washington state like we got one vote for duke one for washington

Answer #6

we have one vote for duke

Answer #7

I only got offers from d three schools there and the d one schools did not offer much

Answer #8

what about schools in cali?

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